About Us

On what is for many, the most important day of your life, our focus is to capture each moment of authenticity and intimacy that will surely leave behind a lifetime of memories to be remembered in every frame. Getting married is a big deal. Whether your wedding takes place in front of 3,000 guests or at a romantic getaway for two, it’s important to us that we capture the beautiful moments that make your wedding unique, while surrounded by your loved ones.
We consider ourselves to be photographic storyteller, we love capturing the moments during a wedding that happen naturally.

Our photographers

Choiyee Wong

In both career and life, Choiyee’s ambitions have extended beyond her years as a graphic designer. After having taken some time away from the world of design and pursuing her passion of photography she soon came up with works which accommodate her imagination and capture the soul of life. Through the lense, Choiyee soon found herself ongoing work as a freelance photographer and set up her own business in 2006. Not long after, her works spread throughout Portland. In 2011 and 2013, she won Honorable Mention for fashion photography at the International Photography Awards. Her work has been featured in the pages of leading newspapers such as Home 21st Century, Portland Chinese Times, Emerald Chinese Times, Northwest Life Magazine, The Stranger and The Portland Mercury.

With her “openness principle”, Choiyee started to gain more and more opportunities with various clientele and developed a network of working partners. She has become known as a versatile designer and photographer. Believing in creativity, Choiyee has a strong desire to pursue the unknown. That’s what brings her here.

Nicolas Tai

Nicolas took up photography in 2008 after being inspired by renowned French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. His theory of “Decisive Moment” greatly influenced Nic’s subsequent path to take on a photo-journalistic approach to his photography for the first three years of his career. He launched his own photography business while traveling back to Shanghai, China. He specializing in journalistic weddings, events and street photography.